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Nickname: Pepper
Height:179 cm
Weight:80 Kg


Im going to be as honest as I can. Im not attracted to guys, I was watching some porn and there was a really good looking chick with a nice ass, but once she took her G off she had a penis, to my surprise i found myself liking her penis. I watch a little more shemale porn and I really like the thought of having anal sex with a shemale. Since then there's something about a hot chick with a penis that I find so hot, but only shemale cock. I would like to have some fun with shemale, I would also maybe like to see what it feels like have a shemale put her cock in me. (what does it feel like to have a cock going in and out of your ass) I hope this doesn't offend anyone I just have no idea how to go about this, I just know I want to experience sex with a shemale at least once.

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Male, Shemale