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OllieBee from New South Wales
I've been lied to. I've been cheated on. I've even been dropped for no explanation and left for someone else, but I'm still trying to love like I've n...
NotAtAllAfraid from New South Wales
I believe that sex is a basic need therefore I pretty much require sex on a regular basis. I am looking for man with a dirty mind who wants to fuck me...
LittleDoVe from New South Wales
I don't get it why there is so much hate when it comes to being tranny or shemale. We are also humans. Maybe we are a little different, but deep insid...
LovelyPois0n from New South Wales
I am a confident woman who is opinionated, open-minded & independent. I'm a very blunt person & I speak what's on my mind. Love it or hate it but I ca...
XxPokerFacexX from New South Wales
I want to meet someone who spends a lot of time thinking about different naughty things to do with me. I want him to lick me all over as my body twist...
Awes0meUnic0rn from New South Wales
It will always be hard to resist a mad man who is also a great gentleman on the inside. I want to find a guy who can make me naughty and nice all at t...
Emptycure from New South Wales
I am looking for someone who can fuck me in the ass. You don't have to worry because I will make sure that you'll be satisfied too. Since I also have ...
SpellBounde from New South Wales
I am a hot tea that everyone fears to touch because I have always been my own person. I am still waiting for the guy who would hate people who flirt w...
GentleSweetCheeks from New South Wales
I'm just comfortable having a conversation with someone only after disclosing that I'm not a real woman. So guys, please be gentle. It hurts when you'...
Cheaslesequal from New South Wales
I'm not sure what you like, but I assure you that I am better than what you want. Feel free to send me a message if you don't believe me. I am open to...
TwoKatanas from New South Wales
When I was younger, I often dreamt of a man who is fit and tall. He has brown hair and blue eyes. But I guess dreams don’t always come true but if I...
DeterminedONE from New South Wales
I am looking for a man with a perfect ass that would absolutely drive me crazy. I want one who can fulfill all of my sexy fantasies with me when we ar...
PinkPistachio from New South Wales
I am looking for a man who would want my lips in between his legs. I want to be with someone who I can blame for being addicted to having rough and sm...
BookFairy from New South Wales
There is nothing finer in the world than losing myself in an excellent book, I love Kresley Cole, E.L James, and Charlotte Roche. I can lose myself i...
Free2play from New South Wales
I love being in control, especially during sex. I want to tie my man up and whisper dirty words into his ear as I make him cum for me over and over ag...
IndigoFLOW from New South Wales
I have heard that men can only think with their penis. I don’t really give a fuck. I’m not afraid to blow your mind and your cock. Just let me kno...
PerfectlyImperfect from New South Wales
I seem to always have embarrassing stories! What I remember was discovering a minute after coming out of the toilet in a public place that I tucked th...
Slownickel from New South Wales
I am a busty trans whole being taken advantage of. I don't care what you do to me as long as you can give me the pleasure I have been longing for my w...
TreasureChest from New South Wales
I have a hidden treasure and I do not want to let go. Would you like to know what it is? It is a treasure that someone like me wants to have.

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