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Profanitykit from Queensland
I'm a straight-forward individual. The only thing not straight about me is my gender. Yes, I am a trans. Yes, I still have my wiener. I don't tolerate...
Grinderboy from Victoria
I may not look athletic or someone who does a lot of sports, but I assure you I am good with balls. I can handle them with care or just straight out b...
BabyBrowne from Western Australia
Hi! I'm looking for a man who is able to make me feel as if I am in heaven through the pleasure that he can give me. Don't get me wrong, I am not look...
Pebbletiny from New South Wales
You don't have to have perfect abs for me to like you. As long as you have a good sense of humor, look presentable and have a huge cock underneath his...
PurrRIANE from Queensland
I am a smart, adventurous and naughty babe who loves sunsets and a great sense of humor. But let’s get straight to the point, I’m seeking a straig...
EevieMoon from Queensland
You can massage my boobs all you want for as long as you will allow me to hold and maybe suck your dick for some time. Yes, I am quite straightforward...
Chowderyounger from South Australia
I admit that I am a bit naughty, but don't call me bad. Being bad means hurting people and doing evil things. I am not like that. I want people to be ...
MinxHardcore from Victoria
When I think about what words describe me best I would say I am lucky to have a very strong believability in my appearance as a real woman. I could te...
DoggyWheels from Western Australia
Growing up, I’ve been told over and over again to know how to prioritize so that I won’t end up alone and regret it for the rest of my life. I’d...
Observestones from New South Wales
People say you can't buy happiness, but this body costs me a lot, and it can bring happiness to any man alive. It's the same thing, isn't it? If you a...
KeepitDopeJoe from New South Wales
If I were to choose between someone who can please me and someone who can turn me on, I’d choose the one who can please me. There has always been so...
StarlightBody from New South Wales
I hope your day is as great as my stunning body. I don't want to boast or anything, but you will not find another body that is as hot and as voluptuou...
TwoKatanas from New South Wales
When I was younger, I often dreamt of a man who is fit and tall. He has brown hair and blue eyes. But I guess dreams don’t always come true but if I...
GorgiePorgie from Victoria
Things you might need to know about me- single by choice to date, a listener than a talker, kinky and geeky, compassionate but can be sadistically er...
PixieLicious from Victoria
I have been hurt too many times in the past that this time around I am looking for someone who wants me. Someone who can love me, fuck me, and make me...
CupidDust from Victoria
I just want to find someone who is willing to pleasure me and keep me satisfied while I am watching my favorite TV series called The Vampire Diaries. ...
Bluveggies from New South Wales
A woman trapped in a man's body, that's what I am. Trying to fit into the gender God chose for me. Despite of this, I choose to live my life the way I...
PearlGirl from New South Wales
Growing up, I used to be reserved. I never liked doing stuff in public. But since I’ve come in peace with who I and who I want to be, I’ve become ...
ILoveBrownies from South Australia
I have always been scared of online dating because there are a lot of guys out here who are not trustworthy. However, I grasped the basics and decided...

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